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There are dozens of accommodations in Altoona, Pennsylvania, but few are top-rate and among the best in town. It attracts a mix of tourists from all over the United States and from all over the world and is one of the most beautiful cities in Pennsylvania.

It's a downtown area, and locals always find a reason to have fun, and seasonal festivals celebrate the fall leaf change. Celebrations take place in the city's parks, on the streets, in parks and even in public parks such as the civic center.

The food and atmosphere are superb, whether you're looking for handmade pizza or a hearty burger, the best menu items include burgers, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads, soups and salads. Order a cocktail, enjoy a glass of wine or try one of the seven local beers brewed on site.

At the gift shop, you can grab a few holiday-themed souvenirs, enjoy a cup of homemade hot chocolate or view some of the local arts and crafts on sale in the hotel's art gallery.

Desserts and pastries are constantly changing, while cappuccino and espresso make the perfect pair with the sweet treats you taste. Guests love the daily breakfast, which includes a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and breakfast sandwiches, and they love to pick up a favorite from the on-site full-service restaurant, the Alta Vista Cafe.

There are a large number of restaurants, including local restaurants, and guests will find a variety of restaurants, including local favorites. There is the Tropical Courtyard, where breakfast is served, which includes a complimentary breakfast from Monday to Friday and the Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Lounge, which is served Monday to Saturday for dinner. One of the best restaurants at the Alta Vista Hotel is Bebe's, an Italian restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine with a sophisticated ambience.

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Traveler - With mountains on one side and lush forests on the other, Altoona is a beautiful sight. There is a wide selection of guided and self-guided tours, from hiking, mountain biking to a city tour.

For example, there is a self-service bar and restaurant on the second floor of the hotel, as well as a full-service restaurant and bar. Other notable hotel features include a spa, fitness centre, spa and wellness area, as well as a gym. If balance, patience and sweaters are needed, then head to the Galactic Ice to improve your ice skills - ice skating on the community rink.

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John Biles is a freelance writer, editor and editor-in-chief for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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More About Altoona