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There are dozens of accommodations in Altoona, Pennsylvania, but few are top - they are considered the best in town. So plan your weekend and explore this fascinating destination in central Pennsylvania. The most famous tourist attraction is the Horseshoe Curve, and it should be at the top of everyone's list - do it. There are also a number of exhibits that deal with the life of Altona during the heyday of the railways, including a museum, a railway museum and a railway museum with artefacts from the early period. Railroad enthusiasts love the area, and the Keystone State's railroad history can be explored at various attractions across the country. Altoonona is a great place to plan a weekend getaway to explore and be part of one of Pennsylvania's most popular tourist destinations.

Fort Roberdeau is located on the outskirts of Altoona and is also known as the lead mine fort. It offers school trips that include fun educational activities for schools and also learn about the days of the Revolutionary War. It offers many tourist attractions and fun activities, some of which are well suited for sightseeing, such as wooded hiking trails. Attractions include an exciting theme park and entertainment center with a variety of rides and attractions, a museum of early Pennsylvania railroad artifacts, an amphitheater, and much more.

Notable activities include: See the history of Penn State sports, drink with linesmen, discuss with news anchors, learn about terrible train accidents at the interactive Railroaders Memorial Museum, and experience the Penn State Sports Museum with true legends dressed in blue and white. See the best things to do in Altoona, PA on our list of the state's top tourist attractions.

The museum has three floors with exhibits depicting the train journey during the Civil War and World War II, as well as an interactive exhibition about Nazi saboteurs targeting the Altoona railway region. The Erie Maritime Museum also houses the US Brig Niagara, which was rebuilt in its original form in 1988. A visit to the ship of this museum inspires you to learn about the convoluted war of 1812 along the way.

If you love history, the drive to the fort is one of the best ways to get around Blair County, PA. It is a 14-minute drive from Altoona and a good place to have fun with the family. There are a number of great attractions in the area, including the Pennsylvania Museum of Natural History and the Erie Maritime Museum.

DelGrosso Park in northern Blair County is definitely one of the best activities in Altoona, PA. Chimney Rocks Park in nearby Hollidaysburg offers great hiking, biking and hiking trails, as well as hiking and biking trails. Travelling by train to the area exposes you to beautiful scenery and mountains when you visit the city or take a tour in or around Altons City. This is a gateway to the city of Altoonia that is recognized as a must see Pennsylvania State Park.

These conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Altoona on a regular basis. There are many great activities for the whole family that have made Altoonia a popular destination. As an outdoor enthusiast on site, I come across a range of activities, sights and time I can spend in nature. From parks and theme parks to hiking and cycling trails, there is a wide range of activities for residents and visitors.

When visiting Blair County, you want to be sure you're making the most of your spending, so I recommend you eat at one of my favorite restaurants in the area, Joe's Pizza. Don't miss the Peanut Butter Meltaways, which are among the favorite chocolates I had in my childhood. Check out their website for more information on their menu and prices, as well as a list of other great options.

When you're done, it's time to return to Altoona to see the Railroad Museum first hand. The Gettysburg Dime Museum costs no more than 10 cents to enter and is modeled on a 19th century museum that traces the history of the Pennsylvania Railroad from its founding in 1842 to its discovery in 1902. Jump The Dips is a wooden roller coaster in Lakemont Park in Altoonona City and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

If things are gradually opening up to travel, consider a visit to Altoona, PA, where it is much easier to maintain social distance while visiting attractions. Hanging on a mountain, parts of the Philly-Pittsburg line are still in operation, and it's a thrill to watch the long freight trains circle the bend. If you travel to Altoonona by Amtrak from Philly or the Big Apple, you have been driving this bend since 1854, so be sure to plan a trip that includes a stay in Altoonona.

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